About Us

Supply Technologies, a subsidiary of ParkOhio USA(NASDAQ:PKOH), specializes in supplying of “C” Class Products / Fasteners, supplier selection and management, planning, implementing, managing the physical flow of product for world-class international manufacturing companies, and servicing customers in the various markets.

Supply Technologies India Pvt Ltd, established in 2005 has been a key supplier partner to diversified industry customers in India for their requirements of Fasteners, precision machined parts, Industrial labels etc.

We purchase different types of fasteners from various local/global manufacturers and manage the stock in our warehouse & supply them to customer as per their planning requirements.

Supply Technologies has expertise in global sourcing with more than 7,500 suppliers worldwide and ensures that you’ll get the exact parts you need, on time, at the best quality and at the right price.

About Park Ohio

Since 1907, Park-Ohio Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ:PKOH) and its subsidiaries have provided the strategic services and products that allow the world’s leading manufacturers to streamline their manufacturing processes and focus their core competencies on the production of more efficient and high quality products.

ParkOhio is an industrial supply chain logistics and diversified manufacturing business operating in three segments: Supply Technologies, Assembly Components, and Engineered Products. Our businesses operate approximately 90 manufacturing, distribution, and service facilities, and employ approximately 6,000 people worldwide. Revenues totaled approximately $1.3 billion in 2016.

With a customer base consisting of many of the Global 2000 infrastructure and business/personal/household products companies, the opportunities for growth are increasing for us every day.

Our Statistics

Fastening Knowledge Built over 40+ Years

Over 7,500 Supplier Partnerships

Experience in 100+ Industries

400+ global Total Supply Management programs

1,200+ employees Globally

Fastening Knowledge Built over 40+ Years

More than 3,500 Diversified customer Location

$580MM in annual sales