Other Parts

We can supply various types of C Class products as per customer drawing

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Types of Other Parts

Forged Plungers
Stamped Clips/Spring Parts
Clevis & Cotter Pins
Dowel Pins
Grease Fittings
Cable Ties
Wire Seals
Machined Shafts/Parts
Brass Terminals
rass Inserts (Threaded)

Types of Materials

Spring Steel
Stainless Steel
Nitrile Rubber

Types of Finish

Natural (Plain)
Rust Preventive Oiled
Zinc/Manganese Phosphate
Zinc Plating with Trivalent Clear/Black/Yellow/Blue Chromate Passivation
Zinc Plating with Olive Drab/Yellow Chromate Passivation
Zinc Iron Plated (Black)
Zinc Nickel Silver Grey/Black Plated
Zinc Aluminium Flake Coating