Supply Technologies distinguish itself from other service providers in providing more value addition to our customers i.e. In addition to the supply chain activities, We take full responsibility of the part quality and do the inspection of the parts which we procure from our suppliers for each lot, in that way customer gets their parts doubly inspected and which gives them peace of mind.

All the parts which are procured are inwarded only after passing the incoming inspection & required testing at our well-equipped QC lab in Taiwan / Shenzhen. This process helps our customers to meet the incoming PPM targets.

Supply Technologies has a stable & established process of Supplier evaluation & selection thereby we pick the best suppliers who can supply parts on time with high quality. We conduct pre-assessment / periodic process audits at our supplier end and help them to improve on a sustainable basis.

We will provide the Raw Material Mill Test Report, PDIR, IMDS & other test / compliance certificates for the parts as per the customer requirements

Our Inspection Capablities

Dimensional Inspection

Digital Micrometers

Profile Projector

Hexalobular Recess Depth Checkers

Gauge Blocks

Thread Ring Gauges

Digital Head Height Checker

Cross Recess Depth Checker

Gauge Pins

Thread & Hexalobular Plug Gauges

Digital Vernier Calipers
Mechanical / Performance Inspection

Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester

X-Ray Plating Thickness Tester

Salt Spray Test Chamber

Hydrogen Embrittlement Test Equipments

Vicker Microhardness Tester

Mould Polishing Equipment