Extended Service Offerings

Supply Technologies is not simply a fastener distributor, we are your strategic partner in providing global, point-of-use, and cross-industry Total Supply ManagementTM services built on proprietary logistics system capabilities.

Total Supply Management™

We’ve designed our Total Supply Management™ approach to work toward a single goal: to give any manufacturer of any size a greater ability to build its products better, smarter, and faster than ever before.

Our Total Supply Management™ model examines soft costs as well as the obvious costs of doing business and utilizes seven primary elements besides unit price to assist in defining the Total Cost of Ownership. These components are (1) Logistics; (2) Global Sourcing; (3) Custom Program Development; (4) Implementation; (5) Quality Assurance; (6) Engineering Efficiencies; (7) Advanced Technology.

Supply Technologies works with our customers to leverage our core competencies and helps them understand the best processes for optimizing their supply chain operations. By eliminating non-value added activities and fixed costs, Supply Technologies can help our customers stay profitable and competitive in the marketplace.